August 9, 2022

Tips for Facilitating More Effective Virtual Team Meetings

Everyone was quarantined in their homes during the pandemic. However, we were fortunate enough to be able to see our coworkers on a regular basis, and video conferencing technology gave rise to the terms Zoom meeting and timer for zoom meetings. Attendees tend to lose track of time during meetings, making it difficult to keep them on track. When they speak, this is most noticeable. As their involvement with the content grows, people lose control of the process. People frequently lose track of time when their energy levels rise. As a result, they may make poor strategic decisions about how to spend their time. In this blog post we’ll show you a few proven ways to make your virtual meetings more time (and cost) effective, increase meeting productivity and reduce fatigue.

Tips for more effective virtual meetings

Put a online meeting timer What should the duration of a virtual meeting be? There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but all organisations must follow one standard: how efficient is a meeting in terms of time? While virtual meetings are useful in your company, they are not always fruitful. Likewise, not all lengthy meetings must be. Organizations can free up at least 20% of their collective hours by improving time management discipline. The Solution: Include an online timer for Zoom meetings or other virtual events to track time spent, assign speaking slots to each participant, and limit off-topic discussions.

It's like having a timer app for Zoom on the wall of your virtual meeting room—everyone is constantly reminded that the clock is ticking.

Set your Agenda Timer. According to careers experts, following a structured agenda can cut meeting time by up to 80%. So here's our tried-and-true tips: Prepare an agenda for the topics to be discussed before each session. Then, in chronological order, make a list of who will be presenting each topic and set a timer for zoom meetings or other virtual events. To cut through irrelevant noise, make sure the aim is clear and selective. This will also encourage speakers to prepare thoroughly ahead of time for meetings, allowing them to lead more focused and concise meetings.

Determine the Online Meeting Cost. How much do online meetings cost your company? Meetings consume 35% of the time spent by middle managers and 50% of the time spent by upper management. When we translate that into salary per hour, per employee, we can see how much money companies spend on meetings.

Furthermore, 67% of employees say that spending too much time in meetings prevents them from being productive at work. That is why online meetings must be equally productive and cost-effective. Taking into account the cost formula, while the clock is ticking, by utilise your time proficiently with a Zoom timer app.

Sometimes less is more. Meetings with a large number of participants may appear to be more convenient for "keeping everyone in the loop," but this can sometimes be accomplished more effectively by sending meeting minutes to "indirectly involved" parties after the meeting. One survey found that 92 percent of employees multitask during meetings. Organizations must hold more meetings to complete their tasks because parallel processing reduces the effectiveness of meeting time. Well, it appears that virtual meetings, like remote work, are not going away (even in the post-pandemic era). As a result, future meetings are likely to combine in-person and virtual participation, and we must all be better prepared to lead smarter sessions.

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