July 14, 2022

Discover the Advantages of the Countdown Timer App

The purpose of a countdown timer in the workplace is to pique interest while also serving as a reminder to be on time. One of the reasons meetings fail to stay on schedule is that people lose track of time. They lose control of the process as their involvement in the content grows. As a result, people may make poor strategic choices regarding how to spend their time. When you use a countdown timer, you won't have to worry about missing special occasions or being late.

While time management is essential, it is not something that everyone can master. Fortunately, numerous online tools, such as DARUK, are available to assist with this.

Benefits of the timer in Webex

Conduct Project Management

Management can see how long it takes each worker to complete a task using time-tracking devices.

A Webex countdown timer during a meeting aids in the proper allocation of resources and the organisation of better project management so that everyone completes workflows within a reasonable time frame. Employers can use analytics to monitor each employee's productivity regularly.

Increase participation and engagement

The level of participation and engagement in a meeting has a significant impact on its quality and outcomes. If you do not get time to share your ideas, you'll become disinterested or even bored, and you won't benefit from the meeting's ideas to make things happen. Using a timer in Webex meetings or other virtual events, on the other hand, can solve this problem. This countdown timer will provide equal time to all participants and will notify them when the meeting should begin or end.

Encourage Ownership

Participation in online events is critical to meeting efficiency, and the Webex countdown timer facilitates this. It contributes to giving everyone an equal opportunity to express their ideas. As a result, everyone is actively participating in the meeting.

Because the more they give, even in minor ways, the more they own. And as they gain control, they will want to see it succeed. They will contribute ideas, voice concerns, share their experiences, and offer new perspectives. As a result, the energy level will rise, and others will become more enthusiastic. There will also be a greater commitment to delivering the results.

Time Management

Time management is extremely important. Everyone has a set number of hours to work each day. Meetings are taking up an increasing portion of those hours. And even when conducting a group meeting, the vast majority of such sessions do not end on time. But with the help of the video timer in Webex and other virtual meetings, it became simple to receive reminders when it was time to begin or end a meeting or presentation. It was easier for both the presenter and the listener to manage their time.

Save Time

When you're in a group meeting or there will be many people presenting before you, you don't have to wait and keep checking; instead, you can use the countdown timer app to remind you when it's your turn, and in the meantime, you can prepare for your time.

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