July 22, 2022

Methods for adding a timer to Zoom meetings

The timer for Zoom meetings is likely one of the most helpful tools for assisting individuals in keeping their meetings or presentations on schedule. If you want to make virtual meetings more participatory, this is especially true.

The Timer app has a stylish countdown animation and an alert that sounds like water. Perfect for time-based chores, keeping meetings on schedule, and even group meditation during meetings. The timer is counting down as the current time is shown in the centre of the screen.

Start the timer with one of the following preset durations: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, and 30 minutes.

A visible timer serves as a helpful reminder that effective meetings are about more than simply the subject. It aids in their understanding of their duties at the process level as well, and thus facilitates:

● Be precise in your contributions.

● Remain focused

● They focus their conversations on the most crucial issues first.

● Immediately draw attention when a discussion turns fruitless.

● Keep presentations and other agendas on time.

Moving further, we will learn how you can add a countdown timer app for meetings.

Countdown Timers in Zoom Meetings

Including countdown timers via the shared screen.

Virtual meetings frequently include screen sharing, typically through presentations or slides with directions. Additionally, as a shared resource like a document or whiteboard.

A countdown timer app for meetings can be easily added when the shared screen is a PowerPoint presentation. One can simply copy one of the options on the timer page and paste/place it right onto the slide.

Putting countdown timers within the meeting invitation In addition, you can also add the timer via the meeting invite (or any email). This means that a computer-based personal countdown timer may be presented to each participant. It will start when they click to accept the invitation to join the virtual meeting.

Through the picture option in the channel dialogue, timer uploads are also possible in Teams. They do this so that they show up for everyone on the channel. Users who keep the channel open will notice their timers synchronising when the timer is updated.

Using countdown timers within the chat facility In teams, if you include the timer in the chat box, it works much better than in Zoom. When you paste a timer URL into Teams, it includes a helpful animated graphic. The timer stays in sync as long as participants leave their chat panel open. When a chat window is closed, the timer is, in effect, put on hold until the window is reopened.

To access the timer individually in Zoom Chat, users must actively click the timer URL. However, one advantage of Zoom is that conversations can continue even when in a breakout session.

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