August 19, 2022

Improve Your Online Meetings With a Virtual Timer App

While time management is essential, it is not a skill that everyone can learn. Fortunately, there are numerous video timer for teams available on the internet to assist with this, such as countdown clocks and timers. Microsoft Teams users want timers to ensure that team meetings do not last too long. However, no native functionality is available.

If you want to use a timer app for Microsoft Teams, we recommend trying the following steps:

● Navigate to a Teams channel.

● In the tab bar, click the "+" sign.

● Look for and select the option "Website."

● Give your tab a name and include a web-timer.

● Put your timer to the test.

Why should every online meeting platform include a native virtual timer?

COVID-19 changed the way people worked all over the world. The majority of businesses have made online meeting platforms their new standard. Online platforms have continued to improve their offerings by incorporating features that meet the changing needs of businesses around the world. Most platforms have implemented features such as screen sharing, live polls, and lobbying. However, one feature is still missing from online meeting platforms: the virtual timer.

Virtual timers are used in a variety of industries. Because most online platforms lack a native timer, these industries rely on YouTube and other third-party apps for timer solutions.

The virtual timer feature is currently popular among Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom users. However, it is not a high-priority item in terms of new feature development.

DARUK has made a virtual timer function available to all platform users for speaking and presentations. They have firsthand knowledge of the importance and utility of native virtual timers. The following are some examples of how customers have used Daruk's virtual timer.

Time Management

We've all experienced it: a daily 30-minute standup meeting gets extended by 15 minutes. While 15 minutes may not seem like much, you will have lost 1.25 hours of your work week over a week. If that doesn't seem like a lot of time, consider how many hours you waste in a year. A timer app for microsoft teams can be used to show how much time is spent on each section of your daily standup.


The presence of a native virtual timer function ensures that each participant has the same amount of time to speak. In a parliamentary conference, for example, delegates may be given time to respond to a topic. To be fair, each delegate is usually given a set amount of time to speak. Third-party applications complicate what should be a straightforward addition to any meeting.


At larger events, breakout rooms for various activities are common. By using a native timer app for teams or other virtual meetings to track the time for each exercise, all groups are using the same timer. It also makes it simpler for participants to return to the original topic of discussion.

For more details, visit Daruk.

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