August 30, 2022

How Can a Time App Help You Manage Your Time ?

Did you know that ineffective productivity management costs the economy billions of dollars?

Businesses underwent significant transformations as a result of the pandemic, one of which was the exploration of tools capable of creating the best remote work environment.

Companies, in particular, have turned to digitalized solutions for unobtrusive and efficient time tracking as a capable means of employee accountability.

Knowing how we spend our time, believe it or not, is the key to success. It boosts productivity, enables better organisation, and reveals where the majority of our energy is spent. In everyday life, but especially in business, time tracking can help us achieve more by working less.

Time tracking provides numerous advantages to businesses. Wouldn't it be nice to have a timer at meetings so everyone knows how much time has passed and how much time is left? Everyone can see the timer. Daruk has created a video timer for teams meetings to make this more transparent and accessible to everyone.

And as we all improve at delivering and receiving virtual meetings, workshops, and events, we all discover new ways to deliver the content, so you can better understand how useful timeboxing can be.

Let's dive in to discuss a few advantages of the timer app for teams.

Keeping track of your daily meetings is a simple but effective step toward better time management at work.

A daily check on your activities will allow you to evaluate them at a glance:

What are your most important responsibilities?

How do you manage your virtual team?

Why is it important: Planning and estimating how much time is available for work-related activities becomes more realistic once you know how much time is required for routine tasks.

It is the first step toward determining what to do next.

A daily checklist with a timer for teams can be useful for a variety of reasons, as it feeds data on how you spend your time and aids in the development of strategies for improvement in:

● Accountability

● Teamwork

● Professional efficiency

● Delivering Flexibility

● Perfect Time Management

● Removing the Burden of Admin Work

● Improving Communication

● Boosting work engagement

● Setting Boundaries on Work

● Giving a Perfect Remote Work Solution

Time tracking is essential not only for work but also for maintaining work-life balance. It has a wide range of functions and connects work and life.

There are numerous applications, for example:

● Boosting productivity

● Improving workplace communication

● Enforcing work habits

● It helps with team and project management.

● It enables employees to better manage their schedules, which has a positive impact on work-life balance.

Install DARUK today if you believe your company needs to modernise time tracking and obtain a dependable assistant tool for maintaining employees' work-life balance.

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