July 7, 2022

Choose DARUK’S Video Timer for Meetings

Following the pandemic, virtual video conference meetings have become a valuable resource for meeting up online for business and educational purposes. People all over the world are now using virtual meeting platforms regularly. However, because we are operating online, it is critical that we must stick to the time and deliver effectively. In most of the meetings we see, the audience struggles to adhere to long meetings, and as a result, they become bored and lose interest. So, what is the solution to this concern? How can we avoid such stumbling blocks? Stay connected to read the post and you will get detailed information. Further in this article, we will go on to discuss how we can make meetings more effective by keeping them short and disciplined.

How to run meetings on time?

Meetings must be held on time to maintain meeting decorum and discipline. Otherwise, how will one feel if not able to present an idea due to a lack of time? The answer is unmotivated. However, if you use a video timer for meetings, you will not encounter the same problem. By incorporating a timer for each individual in a group meeting, this one tool can alleviate the organizer's burden of keeping things on time. Video timers became popular as technology progressed, and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Countdown timer in Zoom, Webex and Teams meeting

A visible timer reminds people that effective meetings are about more than just content. It also assists them in seeing their responsibilities at the process level. This enables them to be brief and focused. You can use the same video timer for Zoom, Webex and Teams meetings.

How can we insert a video timer into meetings?

Using the first method, you can just include the timer in your meeting link and send it to everyone. When you start or attend a meeting, the timer will start and terminate automatically.

In another way, First, launch the Chrome browser on your laptop. You will get an option to sign in. In the next step, you'll have three choices: use it for Zoom meetings, Webex meetings, or teams. Then you must select your required platform. Then, to start your meeting with a timer, you must manually add the meeting link.

The Visual style and Audio alert of the timer

● You will get sound alerts, as video timers play sound alerts at half-time and the end of the meeting.

● You can also use different styles of video timers for meetings. You can change the theme as per the ambience of the meeting anytime you get bored of seeing the same style of timer for every meeting. The following are the different types of themes that you can use:

Yoga Animation: While doing online yoga sessions, you can use a yoga animation timer with beautiful yoga illustrations that flow down.

Polar Bear: You can use this theme while interacting with kids for a fun session. A polar Bear timer that flows down with beautiful polar bear illustrations.

Topograph: Elevate your participants with this topographically themed timer.

Neon Drip: A green Neon backlit timer that flows down with beautiful gradients of numbers.

Sporty Fuchsia: A brightly coloured timer inspired by activewear and sports.

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