Video Timers for Meetings

Is there a more engaging or at least more exciting way to host meetings, than setting a timer and calling out start and end times on your phone? "Yes," everyone.

Daruk, the most engaging web-based countdown timer app for virtual meetings, has arrived to spice up your next meeting, workshop, or conference.

In today's world of endless zoom calls, anything that makes them stand out is a plus. Meetings are an essential part of our professional lives. We at Daruk believe in making meetings efficient and give back time for everyone. Overrun meetings are the biggest productivity killer at workplace.
Our simple, elegant video timers ensure your meetings never overrun their scheduled time.Our timers also offers refreshing visual styles and timely sound alerts to keep track of the meeting time.

What are you waiting for? Invite a video timer to join your meetings today!

Install the best video timer for meetings and avoid boredom by using the same timer style every day because DARUK allows you to change the theme style of the timer based on the ambience of the meeting.

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